Avishai Malson Tzaghon
A Bellyful of Tears
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Based on the novel by Naomi Shmuel.

Hen, 28, an Ethiopian police child abuse investigator, whose relationship with her father is in continuous crisis, is retiring from her job to run in the upcoming municipal election on as part of a party headed by her uncle, a popular and respected activist for the Ethipian community, whom she admires.

Shortly after her retirement, Hen is asked to meet an Ethiopian girl of who witnessed her mother's murder, and has stopped talking. When Hen meets the girl at the scene of the murder, she is astonished to realize she knew the victim, and decides to take on the questioning of the girl and investigate the case.

During her investigation, Hen discovers that her revered uncle was involved in silencing the victim, as well as stripping her father of his former high status, and must decide between the future of her community and her loyalty to the past and the truth.


Director: Avishai Malson Tzaghon

Writer: Alma Ganihar