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ATV series adapted from the novel by A.B. Yehoshua, hailed by The New York Times as "Extraordinary"

In the year 999, when Ben Attar, a Moroccan Jewish merchant, takes a second wife, he commits an act whose unforeseen consequences will forever alter his family, his relationships, his business - his life.

In an attempt to forestall conflict and advance his business interests at the same time, Ben Attar undertakes his annual journey to Europe with both his first wife and his new wife. The trip is the beginning of a profound and thrilling human drama whose moral conflicts of fidelity and desire resonate with those of our time.

The period-action-drama series will render the medieval world of Jewish, Christianand Muslim  culture and trade with depthand sensuous detail.

Through the trials of a medieval merchant, the audiences will explore the deepest questions about the nature of morality, character, codes of human conduct, and matters of the heart.