Prisoner X
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This series is based on a true story. Prisoner X was found dead, hanging by a bed sheet in Ayalon Prison on Israel on December 15, 2010. He had killed himself in the most top-secret and secluded prison cell in the country, At the time, not even his guards knew his name.

Now we know. Prisoner X was Ben Zygier. Ben was an Australian Jew, who moved to Israel by himself to serve as a "lone soldier" in the IDF. After his service, Ben was recruited by the Mossad. And, one day, he disappeared.

This is the story of Ben.

Ben Zygier's death is a story about this complex reality. It touches on rifts and ruptures at the heart of Israeli society and Jewish nationalism. It raises urgent, timely questions about PTSD, social justice, national security and government transparency. And, at the same time, it evokes timeless themes of loyalty, sacrifice, betrayal and the yearning for home.

We are passionate about this story and believe in its relevance and potential. We believe our narrative is unique, nuanced and impactful, and we want to be the ones who tell this story to the world.

Created by Ezra Ani, Josh Logue, and Alon Issashar