Leon Prudovsky
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If immigration is 'rebirth’, shouldn't there be a death first?

January 1991. Misha (12) is documenting on a VHS camcorder his family’s journey from USSR to Israel during the Gulf War. It could’ve been just another immigration story, hadn’t the old aunt Rosa died on the plane just before landing. The traumatic immigration experience is enhanced up to absurd proportions, when the question of her immigration status rises.


Director's Note:

25 years ago I immigrated with my family from Russia. Four years ago, I made a short mockumentary comedy about that traumatic night. Although the film was a big success in Israel and around the world, I was left unsatisfied – the short format had left too many things out. This time the story will be whole.



Leon Prudovsky – Writer/Director

A Tel Aviv University graduate, wrote and directed multiple shorts, two TV series and a feature film “5 Hours from Paris” which won the Haifa Film Festival in 2009. Among his achievements: an OSCAR nomination for his diploma film, and awards in numerous festivals such as Venice, Clermont-Ferrand, Montpellier, Munich, Jerusalem, Beijing Academy, Seoul Drama Awards and more.


Haim Mecklberg – Producer

2-Team Productions is one of the leading Israeli film production companies. Recent productions include SAND STORM (Sundance World Cinema Grand Jury Prize), THE FAREWELL PARTY (Venice Public Choice Award), NEXT TO HER (Cannes' Directors Fortnight) and THE HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER (Locarno Audience Award and Ophir winner)