Filming Begins on The House on Fin Street

2-Team productions is thrilled to announce the beginning of principle photography of the feature film The House on Fin Street.

Written and directed by Amir Manor (Epilogue), the film follows Dina, a young Russian girl from south Israel, who cleans toilets in her town's central bus station. She falls in love with Yehuda, a Tel Avivian charmer, and moves with him to the big city. Little does she now that he is nothing but a pimp who recruits young girls for the sex industry.

AMIR MANOR joined the Israeli socialist youth movement at the age of 18, an experience that helped shape his political identity. At the age of 25 Manor left the movement to work as a journalist for Ovda (the Israeli version of “60 Minutes”). Amir is a graduate of the Film and Television Department at Tel Aviv University. His directing career began with a series of shorts and medium-length films. Among these was Reds, which earned him first prize for the Best Drama at the Jerusalem Film Festival in 2007. His first feature film Epilogue premiered at Jerusalem Film Festival, earning the Best Actor and Best Actress awards. The film's international premier was at 2012 Venice Days and from there it went on to receive the Grand Prize in Tokyo Filmex, Best Actor and Best Screenplay awards at Gijon Film Festival, Bronze Alexander, Best Screenplay, Human Values and Audience awards in Thessaloniki Film Festival, Feodora Jury Award and Student Award in Bratislava Film Festival and many others.

The House on Fin Street stars up-and-coming actors Nika Bak and Imry Bitton, and the cast includes Israeli veterans such as Rami Heuberger, Moris Cohen and Reymonde Amsallem. The film is produced by 2-Team productions, Fresco Films and United King Films.

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