2-Team Productions is one of the leading film production companies in Israel. The firm's main focus is cross-over feature films - cinema that is artistic, socially relevant, and festival favorites, but that is also popular both in Israel and around the world. 2-Team is also engaged in the production of shorts, docs and TV series and in supplying production services for overseas productions.In the last three years, 2-Team's films have been selected to participate in ALL leading international film festivals, including Cannes, Venice, Toronto (twice), Sundance, and Berlin, and have won dozens of prizes including Sundance's World Cinema Grand Jury Award, Venice's Audience Choice Award, Thessaloniki's Silver Alexander Award, Chicago's Silver Hugo Award, Tokyo Filmax's Grand Jury Award, Emmy Award, and 11 Israeli Film Academy Awards, including Best Film. 2-Team's films have been sold and distributed worldwide by prestigious companies such as Films Boutique, Beta Cinema, Samuel Goldwyn, Pyramide International, and Memento. 2-Team offers turn-key production services to foreign productions in Israel. We also work with productions out-of-Israel as minority co-producers.

תותים הפקות הינה מחברות הפקת סרטי הקולנוע המובילות בישראל. החברה מפיקה סרטי קולנוע איכותיים, הזוכים לעשרות רבות של פרסים בפסטיבלים בינלאומיים ולביקורות משבחות ובאותה עת מצליחים גם בבתי הקולנוע בישראל ובשוק הבינלאומי.

Haim Mecklberg


International award-winning Israeli film and TV producer, Haim Mecklberg founded 2-Team Productions in 2004 after 7 very successful years as a partner in HLS. Haim's career began as a director and scriptwriter of commercials and PSA's. He moved into feature films as an AD and Line Producer for both Israeli and American productions. In 1992 he produced his first feature film, All I Know Is, and has since produced mainly feature films and documentaries. His films have participated in many international film festivals and have won numerous prizes including the Israeli Academy Award for Best Film, Sundance World Cinema Grand Jury Award, and Audience Awards in Venice and Locarno. 

Estee Yacov-Mecklberg


ACE member Israeli film and TV producer Estee Yacov-Mecklberg joined 2-Team Productions in 2005 as a full partner. The films she has produced have achieved both international recognition and box-office success. In charge of development and production, her films often deal with the lives and stories of women. She has a strong history of working with women and new talent, helping to develop their craft as scriptwriters and directors.

Yigal Mograbi


Yigal Mograbi is a veteran theater owner. Currently his main interest is real estate. In 2008 he joined 2-Team Productions as an investing partner and has since been involved in its business management. Yigal was an Executive Producer of the international award winning film The Human Resources Manager by Eran Riklis, Land of Genesis by Moshe Alpert, Next To Her by Asaf Korman,
and more.

Yotam shazar

Development producer

Yotam Shazar graduated with honors from the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School, with his graduation project receiving an Israeli Academy Award nomination.
Since then he has gathered experience in several aspects of filmmaking, working at the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, in various departments of multiple domestic & international productions, and as an independent producer.

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