2-Team will gladly join your upcoming project as a co-producer or a one-stop-shop production services supplier. Here is what you need to know about filming in Israel

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Filming in Israel
2-Team will gladly join your upcoming project as a co-producer or a one-stop-shop production services supplier. Here is what you need to know about filming in Israel:
2-Team will take care of the entire location scouting process, provide comprehensive location reports, stills and videos, and obtain location permits covering all formal and legal requirements. With an average of 320 sunny days throughout the year, Israel has a huge and unique variety of landscapes, all supported by nearby hotels, roads, airports and are accessible to logistic services.
Sandy sea and lake shores (Mediterranean, Red Sea, Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea)
Coral reefs, rivers and nature reserves
Snow topped Mount Hermon
Rocky mountains, cliffs and terrains
Green topped mountains, valleys, fields and forests
Old and contemporary cities, suburbs and villages
International and domestic airports
Synagogues, Mosques and Churches
Seaports and harbors
Arab cities and villages, and Bedouin makeshift housing settlements
A huge variety of traditional markets and modern shopping malls
Historic buildings, antiquities and a vast variety of architecture styles
Israel offers an advanced highway system built to international standards, state-of-the-art communication systems, banks, hotels, restaurants, an endless range of entertainment and recreation possibilities, regular and VIP security services and full police force cooperation. 2-Team will make sure you enjoy the best of it for the most affordable rates.
2-Team is well experienced in international co-productions. We provide highly experienced technical and artistic crews and top-of-the-line equipment, studios and post-production facilities, all in very reasonable rates. And, since everybody in Israel speaks English, there is no language barrier whatsoever. Many Israelis are also fluent in a variety of languages including Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish, and German.
There are many acting and drama schools in Israel. We have a wide range of professional and versatile actors of all ages, who have worked in international productions. All actors work on a daily basis at modest union rates and have no fringes.A variety of cast and extras' looks (Mediterranean, Arab, East European, African, Indian, Oriental, etc.), unlimited in number and provided through established agencies. Extras work 12 hours a day and payments are paid directly to their agency.
Israel currently has co-production treaties with: Australia, Argentine, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.
In November 2021, the Israeli government launched a 2-year plan for incentives granted to foreign film and TV productions filmed in Israel.
The plan guarantees a 25% rebate on foreign production spent in Israel, with a cap of 5 million ILS (approx. 1.57 million USD) per production.
Although it is safe to film in Israel as in any other location throughout the world, Israel's government reacted to some international producers' concern by initiating the Warlike Events Insurance Package.
Through the initiative of the Israeli government and with the best interests of foreign film producers in mind, the Inbal Insurance Company LTD is offering coverage for loss or damage to the production incurred which might result from warlike events in Israel and territories controlled by Israel. Even though there is no current threat of war in the area, the insurance policy will indemnify insured parties for the loss of monies invested as well as additional expenses associated with the production of the film resulting from warlike events, whether war was declared or not, that cause an interruption, postponement or financial loss - all subjected to the policy.
All budgets and contracts are expressed in US Dollars or Euro. All local payments are made in Israeli shekels.
Israel’s well-established banking system offers services using internationally accepted standards.Top accounting services provided by world’s leading firms.