Margarita Linton, Yaniv Linton
The Artist's Daughter, Oil on Canvas
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60 min.

I visit an exhibition, dedicated to the self-portraits of a famous painter. 

The man in the portraits is my father; but only I and a handful of people know that. 

As I stare at my father’s images and they stare back at me, I feel a great sense of absence. 

How do I film an absence?


Writer: Margarita Linton

Directors: Margarita Linton, Yaniv Linton

Producers: Haim Mecklberg, Estee Yacov-Mecklberg, Tomer Mecklberg

Executive Producer: Yigal Mograbi

Festivals & Awards

2022 Israeli Academy Awards

Winner - Award for Best Documentary Under 60 Minutes

2022 Docaviv – the Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival

Winner - Award for Best Debut Film

2022 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

Official selection