Margarita Linton, Yaniv Linton
The Artist (and Margarita)
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For 15 years I was totally separated from my painter father. Now I explore who he really is and what he went through all these years via a retrospective of his Artwork in the museum.

I try to reconnect with him but it turns out to be more complicated than I thought

His portraits become the backdrop for our phone conversations in which we negotiate the style and character of the film being made. Never actually willing to pose for my camera, my father sends me on an unexpected journey of renewed acquaintance through his art, people in his life and situations he offers me to film.

And above all hovers the big question: would he eventually agree to meet me?


Writer: Margarita Linton (“The Tale of Yona and The Sad Tree”)

Directors: Margarita Linton, Yaniv Linton

Line Producer: Tomer Mecklberg

Producers: Haim Mecklberg, Estee Yacov-Mecklberg

Executive Producer: Yigal Mograbi