Pini Tavger
More Than I Deserve
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Feature film


Hebrew, Russian

Filming Location: Israel

An Israeli-German co-production.

Pinchas (12) and his mother Tamara (39) are new immigrants from Russia. Pinchas spends most of his time alone, while Tamara works hard to put food on the table. 

Pinchas learns that his classmates are preparing for their Bar Mitzvah ceremonies. He follows his religious neighbor, Shimon Amazaleg (36) and asks for his help to prepare for his Bar Mitzvah. Shimon, who still lives with his parents, is a religious bachelor, waiting to meet the right girl. The two form a strong bond, and Shimon treats Pinchas as he would be his own son. 

Despite her initial disapproval of his religious influence, Tamara gradually falls in love with Shimon. Pinchas learns to accept his mother’s need for love and blends into the familial atmosphere.

Things get complicated when Shimon’s Rabbi pressures him to marry a woman from their community. Pinchas refuses to accept Shimon's departure, blames his mother and seeks revenge. 

WORLD SALES: Pyramide International


Writer and Director: Pini Tavger

Produced in co-production with Riva Filmprduktion in association with Pyramide

 Producers: EsteeYacov-Mecklberg, Haim Mecklberg, Michael Eckelt

 Executive Producers: Moshe Edery, Ygal Mograbi, Tomer Mecklberg, Renen Schorr

 Director of Photography: Shai Peleg

 Production Designer: Sharon Eagle

 Editor: Shira Hochman

 Sound Designer: Aviv Aldema

 Original Score: Tom Armony & Assa Raviv


Winner: Best Script Award, Jerusalem Film Festival 2021

Winner: First Prize at The Sixth Edition of Sam Spiegel International Film Lab