SAND STORM on RT's 100 Best Movies on Netflix list

We are thrilled to announce that our film, SAND STORM, has made it to the 40th spot on Rotten Tomatoes's list of 100 Best Movies on Netflix ranked by Tomatometer as of February 2023. The film is ranked above amazing films such as GLASS ONION, SKYFALL, ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT, and LA LA LAND.

This is a huge achievement for us and we are grateful to everyone who has supported our film.

Directed by Elite Zexer, SAND STORM is a powerful drama that tells the story of a Bedouin family in the southern desert of Israel struggling to adapt to changing societal norms. The film has won numerous awards and has been acclaimed by critics and audiences alike for its authentic portrayal of a culture and way of life that is rarely depicted on screen.

We hope that this recognition will help more viewers discover the film and its important themes.

CLICK HERE to view the full list.

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