Yonatan Weinstein & Barak Barkan
AYOSH (TV series)
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Television series, 8-10 episodes, 50 min.

Action, drama

Hebrew & Arabic

Filming Location: Israel

After a terrorist attack kills Israeli civilians, the IDF gears up for a series of operations in the West Bank. Itay, a platoon commander in the Israeli special forces, leads his squads on a mission to capture Youseff, a known terrorist, in the heart of the Jenin refugee camp. Youseff manages to escape, and what was supposed to be a one-off arrest soon evolves into an elaborate and extremely dangerous operation.
The dynamics of identity and trust are put into question when politics and egos come into play, forcing the soldiers to question their values as well as the unit’s purpose. As they seek answers, lines are blurred and lives are endangered.


Writers: Yonatan Weinstein and Barak Barkan