Sameh Zoabi
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An Israeli family, that considers itself left wing and humane is recruiting a Palestinian worker to renovate their home. When the worker is injured and sinks into a coma state, the family cannot bring him to the hospital since employing an undocumented Palestinian worker is a violation of the law law.

Having no choice, they equip a room in their home with all the equipment needed to care for a person in his condition, house him there and share the work of caring for him, while feverishly trying to find his family they can dump him on on.

The presence of the Palestinian, although motionless and without communication abilities, is beginning to undermine the foundations of the family cell as well as

their confidence in their humanity.

When the worker unexpectedly awakens, a new problem arises: he remembers nothing. Not even his language and nationality. Now the family will have to teach him how to be a Palestinian.


Director: Sameh Zoabi

Writer: Pazit Daniel