Yotam Knispel
Love Has Nothing to Do With It
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Rina can't look into the eyes of her son, Dean, who's under house arrest at her home.
Tomorrow his trial begins and Rina doesn't know if she can handle an extension of the house arrest.
When her doubts regarding his innocence are undermined by increasing hostility from their neighbors, Rina is required to be a supporting mother.
Today, she will have to look in his eyes and hear the truth about his (alleged) acts.


Hanna Azoulay Hasfari

Yossi Yarom

Written by Yotam Knispel

Cinematography by Zohar Mutayn

Editing by Lynn Laor, Yotam Knispel

Production Design by Shachaf Marcus

Sound Design & Mix by Yossi Appelbaum