Liraz 'Tooki' Brosh
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14:17 min.

Oriah (14) wants to break free from her parochial school which insist on uniformed appearances. She makes a courageous move by showing up to school wearing red lipstick and gets scolded by her teacher who's calling her Lolita.

To understand the meaning of the strange word, she skips school and goes to a nearby kiosk's internet room to Google it. Unfortunately, Google directs her to a porn site. The school bus driver, waiting to pick up Oriah's schoolmates, recognizes she's shook up, crossed a boundary, and trying to do that as well.

Although injured, Oriah is standing up to her liberty and freedom of choice.

Oriya: Or Gross

Bentzi: Gal Lev

Alona: Yafit Asulin

Written & directed by: Liraz 'Tooki' Brosh

Cinematography by: Daniel Miller

Editing by: Shira Hochman