Amir Manor
The House on Fin Street
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Feature film



Co-production status: Israel, France

Filming locations: Israel

Dina, a young Russian woman from southern Israel, cleans bathrooms at Beer Sheba’s Central Bus Station.  She falls for an older man, Yehuda, a Tel Aviv charmer, who flirts relentlessly with her and encourages her dreams to leave her depressing job, haunted past, and violent neighborhood. Dina spirals down into the pit Yehuda digs for her, and decides to move with him to Tel Aviv.

Once she arrives to 'sin city,' Dina realizes that Yehuda is nothing but a pimp and a drug dealer. She's just one of many young women he recruits for the Tel Aviv sex industry. Dina refuses to believe his devotion to her is all a lie, even when Yehuda forces her to join the 'production line' of the prostitution factory. Dazed and confused by the impossibility and danger of loving Dina, Yehuda tries to hide his emotions and to continue with 'business as usual.' He watches Dina from afar, savoring and keeping alive the fantasy of them becoming a normal couple one day.

Galit, an older prostitute, guides Dina and teaches her how to survive the job in a lawless world. Dina’s initial attempts to rebel are eclipsed by a new language of tactics and strategies, sexual manipulation, and violence.

Shim’on, a police officer, Anya, Dina’s distant mother, and Yehuda all try to save Dina but fail. She pays the stiff price of society turning a blind eye towards the exploitation of young women.


·  Director and Writer: Amir Manor

·  Producers: Estee Yacov-Mecklberg, Haim Mecklberg, Tony Copti, Jiries Copti, Tomer Mecklberg

·  Executive Producer: Moshe Edery, Yigal Mograbi

·  Director of Photography: Guy Raz

·  Editor: Iris Ozer

·  Original Score: Karni Postel

Produced in co-production with Fresco Films



·      Imri Biton

·      Nika Bak

·      Reymonde Amsallem

·      Rami Heuberger

·      Moris Cohen

2021 Award for Best Actress - Haifa International Film Festival

2021 Israeli Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress