Izhar Har-Lev & Adina Heimas
The Only Daughter
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Television series, 6 episodes, 50 min.


Italian, English, & Hebrew

Filming locations: Italy & Israel

An Italian-Irish-Israeli co-production

Based on the novel by A.B. Yehoshua

Venice, Italy, 1980. Rachele is 12 years old when she learns her father is seriously ill. While her family are looking forward to her Bat-Mitzvah, Rachele' steachers happen to cast her as the Madonna in the school's Christmas play. Pulled in opposing directions, Rachele feels the threads of her life begin to untangle.

With the fear of losing her father, various forces compete to guide and take care of Rachele: from her charismatic Jewish grandfather, to her Catholic grandparents on her mother's side; and even an old teacher who believes the young girl might take solace from a nineteenth-century novel.

These disparate influences ultimately blend in Rachele's imagination to create a fantasy that transcends the religious and cultural conflicts of her everyday life with one simple hope: to end the loneliness felt by an only daughter.


Writers: Izhar Har-Lev and Adina Heimas